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As a leading provider of cosmetic dentistry services, Dr. Venterina provides her patients in Brooklyn and Staten Island with a variety of options to brighten and whiten smiles. Patients of the Center for Dental Excellence have access to the most modern smile brightening technologies available.

Teeth Whitening Q&A

Teeth whitening

What Makes Teeth Turn Yellow?

Teeth become discolored for a variety of reasons including eating and drinking. The most common are consuming beverages like coffee and tea. Smoking and other tobacco products can also cause serious staining. Sometimes staining can be internal, which is usually caused by tooth trauma, prolonged use of certain medications, or root canals. Internal staining does not typically respond to traditional whitening treatments. A dentist will recommend the best course of action to brighten your smile.

Can Whitening My Teeth Damage Them?

Professional whitening services will not damage your teeth. Dr. Venterina only uses tested and proven whitening procedures that do not have any documented side effects.  Some patients may experience temporary sensitivity to temperature, which can usually be managed and dissipates over time.

What is the Zoom Whitening Procedure Like?

The dentist will always perform a thorough exam to make sure the teeth are in optimal condition for the whitening process. Then the teeth will be cleaned to ensure that no plaque will block the bleaching solutions. The gums and soft tissue of the mouth will be protected and a hydrogen peroxide gel will be applied to the teeth. Once the gel is applied an LED light is directed at the mouth for about 15 minutes to activate the gel. The gel will be removed and the teeth should appear to be whiter and brighter immediately.

How do your take-home kits differ from the kits I can buy in a drugstore?

The services provided by a dentist are customized for each patient, which means the lightening gel reaches all the surfaces of the teeth for results that are more consistent and more effective than a generic tray or strip that is not designed to fit the individual’s teeth. Additionally, in office treatments are designed for use under professional supervision, with special whitening agents that are more effective than those available through the over-the-counter whitening kits available to purchase at drugstore or supermarket. And finally, before any whitening treatment, the dentist will evaluate the patient’s teeth to look for any signs of damage that should be corrected prior to whitening to help reduce the likelihood of tooth sensitivity and to help ensure the best possible results.

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