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Dr. Venterina DDS offers Pediatric Dentistry services at both the Brooklyn and Staten Island offices of the Center for Dental Excellence. Children from the New York City area receive specialized, high quality care at every visit.

Pediatric Dentistry Q&A

Pediatric Dentist

Is dental treatment different for children?

Annual check ups may seem similar, but there are small but important differences in what dentists check for during a check up. When examining a child, a dentist checks for alignment or bite issues as well as the overall oral health of the child, while signs of gum disease, damaged teeth and cavities are the focus in adult check ups. Pediatric dentists go through additional training to specialize in the growth and development of teeth in children. Key supplementary education focuses on the the development of a child’s face, their jaw structure and techniques managing the fears of young patients.

When should children start to visit the dentist?

Children should start to visit the dentist when the first tooth appears, usually before the child turns one. Biannual check ups are the standard recommendation. Regular visits to the dentist help to maintain the health of teeth and gums. Regular visits and cleanings help to prevent dental issues from occurring, and may allow early detection of other issues, like alignment or overcrowding issues which are common for young people. Early detection means less pain and less treatment for the patient.

What treatments are provided by Pediatric Dentists?

Pediatric dentists offer oral exams for infants including habit counseling for behaviors like thumb sucking or pacifier use. They provide preventative care ranging from cleaning and fluoride treatments to nutrition advice. Your pediatric dentist can provide early assessment for any alignment or over crowding issues. Pediatric dentists are also skilled in treating and repairing dental injuries like broken, displaced or knocked-out teeth.


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