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For patients throughout the New York boroughs, Dr. Venterina offers orthodontic services and treatments to correct alignment and crowding issues from her offices in Brooklyn and Staten Island. Patients at the Center for Dental Excellence will benefit from highly trained dental professionals who will help to choose the correct orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics Q&A

What is Orthodontic Medicine?

Orthodontics is the treatment of irregularities in the teeth and jaw. The treatments, which include traditional braces and Invisalign aligners, correct issues of alignment, crowding, gaps, and crooked teeth.

What is Done During an Orthodontic Exam and Consultation?

The orthodontist and patient will discuss the expected results for treatment. The dentist will examine the patient’s teeth and jaw to determine what procedures will provide the best results. Typically, x-rays, photos and 3D mapping are used to assess the condition of the patient’s teeth and to determine the best kind of orthodontic treatment to deliver the expected results. X-rays are an effective tool for the dentist to see the alignment and placement of the teeth. The dentist will answer any questions about the orthodontic treatment plan and the corrective procedures selected. Most dentists recommend an orthodontic consultation for children after they turn seven, even if treatment does not begin for a few years. Most orthodontic treatment is performed on younger people between the ages of 10 and 14.  However, more adults are opting for corrective orthodontic treatment.

When Will My Treatment Begin?

Treatment typically begins once the dentist and patient agree on the course of treatment and the diagnostic work is complete. Typically, during diagnostics, casts are made of the patient’s teeth and the necessary paperwork is completed. Most diagnostic work is fee based, so patients are often allowed to take time between visits and schedule appointments for further steps when they are ready.

When Will the Braces Be Applied or the Aligners Provided?

Once the diagnostics are complete, the patient schedules an appointment for the chosen treatment to be installed. In some cases, braces can be applied during the same visit as the diagnostic appointment. If the patient opts for Invisalign aligners, it can take approximately four weeks for the aligners to be manufactured and delivered. Once the aligners are received by the dentist the patient can return for fitting.

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